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Centre for Digital Media’s Statement of Solidarity Against Racism

Mar 22, 2021 By Elyse Economides

A message from MDM Program Director Larry Bafia.

The events over the past year, including the anti-Black violence in the United States and the injustices in Canada as Black and Indigenous people continue to be killed in situations involving the police and the rise of anti-Asian violence with COVID-19, have brought to light the problems of racial bias and inequality in our society.

We at the CDM are committed to standing up for equal justice, fair recognition, and the rights of every person. We must confront our history as part of the struggle for equality. We’re committed to anti-racism, and acknowledge that this is an ongoing project and that the responsibility of this work is ours. Despite the constraints of a pandemic we will continue to address these issues in order to move towards a stronger, more inclusive community.


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